Below are a guide to the current fees (E&OE). These do not include anaesthetic and hospital fees. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Consultations: 30 minutes and cost £250

Other Services:

12300 Subsequent consultation £160

25020 Intravenous regional sympathetic block (guanethidine block) – 1 injection £192

25120 Dorsal root ganglion block (local anaesthetic or neurolytic) £438

63320 Fluoroscopy £120

64030 Arthrography £168

A5200 Epidural injection (cervical) £300

A5210 Epidural injection (lumbar/caudal) £235

A5230 Epidurogram £200

A5720 Facet or sacroiliac joint (RF) radio frequency thermocoagulation including rhizolysis (under x-ray control) £475

A5730 Facet or sacroiliac joint (RF) radio frequency thermocoagulation including rhizolysis (under x-ray control) £840

A5750 Facet joint injection (under x-ray control) – 2 joints £264

A5760 Facet joint injection (under x-ray control) – 4 joints £420

A5770 Facet joint injection (under x-ray control with sedation/G.A.) – 6 joints £495

A7300 Peripheral nerve lesion (radio frequency cryoprobe or phenol) £264

A7350 Local anaesthetic blockade of major nerve trunk £200

S5210 Injection into subcutaneous tissue/painful trigger point (including local anaesthetic and steroid) £165

T7292 Trigger point injection/Enthesis – more than 1 injection £160

W9030 Injection(s) into joint(s) under x-ray control £192

W9240 Examination/manipulation of joint under anaesthetic +/- injection (as sole procedure) £156

X3770 Intramuscular injection with XRC (eg piriformis block) £225

Please note that when you undertake any treatment or consultation with us, you are responsible for the fees that result, not your insurance company. Sometimes you may find that your insurance does not cover all of the fee and you may be liable for the shortfall.

Medical Fees – is there a contract between the patient and consultant?

Any patient who consults or is treated by a consultant in the private medical sector will be personally responsible for the payment of all their consultant’s fees and a financial contract exists between them. In many instances patients have private medical insurance that will fully reimburse them for their medical fees. However, there are often exclusions within these policies (i.e. specific medical conditions, outpatient allowances or payment by the patients of an initial excess amount). Sometimes there may be shortfalls in the insurance reimbursement that the patient receives for the consultant’s fees. In the event that there is a shortfall it is borne by the patient who is personally legally liable to the consultant for his/her fees.

Who pays the consultant’s fees?

Your consultant will submit their fees to you for his services. These fees should be laid out so as to illustrate clearly the services rendered and appropriate codes for any procedures. Normally an operative fee will include routine post-operative care in the hospital. Separate fees are charged for follow-up consultations after surgery. Some (but not all) insurers refuse to pay for an initial follow-up consultation if this takes place within a certain time after surgery or discharge from hospital. You should note that the insurance companies do not pay consultant fees; they reimburse patients for consultant fees. Insurers give benefits; consultants charge fees. These benefits or levels of reimbursements vary between different companies for the same procedure, in many cases insurance companies have not increased member benefits for consultant fees for over ten years despite increasing their client’s insurance premium annually. If there are shortfalls then the patient is responsible for this amount, which should be paid directly to the consultant within a reasonable time.

NHS Choose and Book

NHS-RGBPatients that are unable to see us privately may still be referred to us as NHS patients through a system called Choose and Book.

While it does not necessarily provide the same degree of haste as a private appointment it is usually quicker than being seen through a local NHS Pain Clinic.

Please discuss this with your family doctor or contact us for more details.



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